Monday, 3 June 2013

Syria and people- A view from an outsider

        Today's international crisis shows how civilians are oppressed due to the circumstances faced by the country. One of the prominent problems occurred today is political dispute in Syria.

          United Nations revealed that the aggression in Syria is at the alarming stage. Human right violations are rampant and they show no sign of peace. Right of women and girls are denied as they are forced to marry combatants. Their voices are neglected and n actions are taken to defend these poor human beings. Due to this constant battle to control the main city, Qusayr, hundreds of innocent people have been killed mercilessly and thousands remain trapped.

          Words are easily spoken than action. As a member of international community, I believe non-profit organisations (NGOs) from all over the world can cooperate and lend hands to these unfortunate.Aid needed is not only in term of material goods,but moral and psychological supports are also crucial to ease the burden.

Let's pray for a better future in Syria.

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