Saturday, 9 February 2013

Lily the Unicorn

            Underneath this shady tree,I scanned the horizon. The white, sacred unicorn fashioned from these tiny little clouds gathered together brought me to mini-vacations from my ordeal. I reminisced at the moment daddy bought me a purple unicorn pillow with a medium size yellow horn on its head as my companion when I was 5.  I scared of darkness and I believed there was a hideous demonic creature underneath my bed which appeared when everybody sailing into their dream worlds. Since I slept alone in my gloomy room, this unicorn which I named as Lily was the most trusted friend of mine. I talked to her a lot. Both my Daddy and Mummy called Lily as my imaginary friend. I didn't bother about their thought as long as I marveled with my new buddy. Out of sudden, a mosquito began drilling into my forehead.  This mosquito eventually brings me back to the reality. My hand tried to snap the mosquito but the mosquito was far quicker than me.  Out of nowhere, a group of children surrounds me and lobbing rocks in my direction forcing me to leave the place. I walk away heading to another spot near the river to enjoy my moment alone. 

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