Thursday, 24 January 2013

Great Thirst

                This shivering night cannot resist my great thirst for the drink. I hadn't drunk anything since this morning. My body is as weak as a glass shattering to pieces when striking the hard surface. I cannot stand seating next to this charming man with the sweetest fragrance I've ever smelled. He smells as sweet as an apple fallen off the tree.So juicy, thirst quench for real. Since I planted my buttock here, I endure a hefty dollop of patience and I cannot hold this anymore. I glance around and there’s nobody here. Perfect. Slowly, I move slightly closer to him, making my first step by asking his name and successfully lock his eyes into mine. His puppy eyes enchanted me, driving me into illusion, hitting the right button.This lust has reached its boiling point. Swiftly, my hands grab his collar bone, smothering it with a humming lullaby, and my lips finally touch his beautiful neck. I quickly suck his dark red blood with my revealing fangs. Yummy, I lick my lower lip to waste no single drop of his sweet blood. Thank you, Mr. Charming. Craving for more warm blood, I make a move to the nearest bus stop with hidden fangs searching for the next victim.

I dream of becoming the blood sucker last night. I guess this is the post effect after a few hours of burying my nose into my first vampire book, Eternal. Never come across my mind to be an eternal, but I think I look fierce and brave with the fangs. J

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