Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lost in Wonderland

If you asked me what I am doing right now, definitely I will answer “I am drinking elixir of life” without any lugubrious feeling, no doubt. Overtaken by joy, ordinary life seems so much precious and wonderful to me. Time is wisely spent by helping Mummy, reading, watching movies, mingling with family and pet sisters-referring to kids my Mummy babysits: Lia, Dina, Tirah, Nurin, Iffah and Pipah, doing house chores, listening to music and etc. I feel like to freeze the moment, let the moment circling around here. If not, I wish to buy a time machine to rewind every second when I feel hopeless and burry by unfinished workload. I also miss the sweet smell of baking cookies and cakes. But, I don’t have any chances to bake yet. Once, I told my Mummy that I really like to bake (even though I am not good enough in baking, I admit it), but she convinced me to focus on learning how to cook “lauk-pauk”. I told her, I actually know the basic things to cook, but the problem here, is I always, I repeat, I always forget if I don’t practice. Poor me :(.

So, turn into a new leaf, I have two or three recipe books to copy. Actually, I have half done copied the recipe in the lap top and hooray, I save it in my pen drive. Unfortunately, the pen drive was infected with viruses from Waqeq Shop at UIA and naah, I tired already to rewrite it once again. I will write it back during this break, but, when I gather all my spirit back, yeah. Do pray for me so I will finish copying all the recipes and successfully print it. GTG, have another cup of sweetness to drink


  1. hmm..sounds like u enjoy yr hols very much..glad to hear that. ;D

  2. yeah.. sampai rase malas nak balik belajar..boleh tak cenggitu?? :p