Sunday, 1 January 2012

I love you so much

Semakin menginjak usia, semakin rasa takut. Takut kehilangan kamu berdua, bukan pada pandangan mata tapi pada pandangan jiwa. Masih belum cukup lagi berbakti kepada kedua kekasih hati ini. Abah dan Mummy pelengkap hidupku. Takkan mampu kucari manusia sehebat ini. Sungguh. Maafkan anakanda ini kalau banyak buat salah. Maafkan anakanda ini kalau selalu tidak menurut kata. Moga-moga anakanda ini mampu menjadi yang baik buat kekasih hati.

You are always in my heart and in my do'a. I really appreciate your unconditional love towards us-Along, Epi and Daniel. I am not sure either I can pay back all your sacrifice for me. But, I swear, I try to be your best despite all my flaws. You are the only reason I survive in this world. You are my strength when I go weak, you are my light when it goes dark, you are everything for me. Thank you, my backbones, inner strength, outer shield. No words can describe my  love. No single word. Trust me.


  1. kirim salam kat parents ko :)


    1. Still remember..the day your born in this world...How's your mummy carry you in her tummy.......Time move so yesterday, I smile, when your cried in my, you are a lovely "big" girl with a sweet heart...May Allah bless every moment of your step.....Qaseh Iris

  2. Qaseh Iris,
    Do pray for me I be a better person in the future. If I can see myself during those days I was born, I really want to know how Mummy and Abah take care of me. Yeah, as a first child, they want everything to be perfect just for me. Glad to be born in this family, no doubt.