Saturday, 22 October 2011

Letter to My Future You

Dear Future You,
I try my best to preserve my heart
for you
I repeat,
only for you.

Even I don't know who you are
Either we meet by chances
or either you are right here in front of me
or either I stalk you through Facebook
It doesn't matter

I try my best to be the best
Because I want to be your best
Until you can't ever look for other girls
Until you can't ever blink your eyes just for me
Because you are so much precious
My Future You.

I am sorry
because my heart was stolen by the wrong guy
I gave half of my heart to him
I believe he was not my Future You.

My Future You,
I never want to hold your hands right now
I never want to glare into your eyes
I never want to have your smile
In the reality full of lies
In the reality full of deception
In the so-called happiness

My future You,
I hope we will meet in the bless
Under the shower of barakah
Under the sun ray of happiness

My future You
I never tired of waiting
I never tired of wondering
Rather than to meet you right now
Rather than to meet you on the wrong time

My Future You
Never despair even once
Because the fate is so much embellish
Because the truth reality is not yet to come
Because Allah knows what is the best

Insya Allah
My Future You