Monday, 11 July 2011

Aleph by Paulo Coelho

Above is a video made by its author himself, Paulo Coelho and below was made by one of his fans. I think both videos carry intense messages that can only be understood by contemplating and wondering in a deep thought. Enjoy! 

Sometimes I wonder how can a person have a brilliant thought and translate it into just plain papers. I wish to read this, for real (Although I have a list of books awaiting me :)....  Here comes the book,

I thought this book has been somewhere in Kinokuniya, MPH or even Popular Bookstore for a long time like Harry Potter, Twilight and etc. (I live in suburban area, forgive me if I am outdated. He~~). Then, I seek aid from my dear Mr. Google. Guess what, I found this:

 As we can see, it will be published maybe in 2012. Okay, wait yeah. I'm not sure this title comes in volume or just a single book. But, I love to have it. Do tell me if anybody found Aleph.

Credit to:  Paulo Coelho's blog


  1. baru..kita lg outdated la..haha
    nanti summarise kat kite psl aleph ni ye..hehe :)

  2. yeh, i wish to have all of his writing, dear. He is one of my favourite author. For me, he writes with passion and his writing drives me to another wonderland. :)

  3. woah..he has such a big impact on you. :)